Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He's NOT the Man.

It was one of those Marches that began as a lion, but appear to be leaving as a lamb. The snow was melting, revealing pieces of green grass that were from the hard snow. It was a new beginning, and a chance for a new opportunity.
I looked at the newly boomed I was waiting to meet George, my best friend from high school. We usually met one Sunday a month to have Sunday brunch and to catch up with each other. We had this little cafe that we considered to be our place, which was between the frozen yogurt shop and the bookstore.
George was always fashionably late, so I sat on the bench outside waiting for him. It truly was a nice day. After five minutes of waiting I was able to spot his fitted yellow pants from the  distance. He was also wearing white Ray-Bans, and a black shirt with a yellow tie. He walked with attitude, strutting down the sidewalk as if it was a runway and he was a model rocking the latest fashions.
“Darling!”  he said, as he gave me a hug and kissed me on both cheeks . “How are you?”
I smiled and hugged him back. “I’m good how are you?”
He grinned. “I’m good. I have amazing news to tell you. Shall we go get some coffee?”

“Of course,” I said.
We went inside and got coffee. He got a latte with skim milk. . I got a hot chocolate, because I never really enjoyed the taste of coffee. We shared  a giant chocolate chip cookie to share.
“So,” I said, taking a sip of my lukewarm hot cocoa. “Tell me the good news.”
He ripped off a piece of our cookie. “So you know that guy I’ve been seeing for a while?”
I nodded. He’s been involved with James for the past few months. James also went to our old high school. He was in the grade below us, and very openly gay. So was George for that matter. However, James had an ego the size of Alaska, and more chicks than  the quarterback on the football team I often thought he was in a relationship with himself.
“Yes”,  I said. “What about him?” I had an idea of what he was going to say, and began to brace myself.
“We’ve decided to get married! Isn’t that wonderful?”
I felt my jaw drop so low that I could probably taste the linoleum on the floor “What?”
“We’ve decided to get married. He asked me yesterday, so you’re one of the first to know.”
I didn’t know what to say. I knew it was a big mistake, because something was off about James. I had said that from day one. He thought everyone in the world should cater to him and his needs. Every guy in school liked him, and I was more than positive that he knew it. I was sure that he didn’t have a non-superficial bone in his body. I knew that George could do so much better. I had made that very clear.
“George, are you sure about this?” I asked.
“Of course I’m sure. What makes you think that I’m not? You know, you’ve never liked James too much. Can’t you give him a chance?”
I opened my mouth to say something, but then I saw it. All sound exited my mouth, and I was left with nothing to say. Out of the  cafe window, I saw James holding hands with a very attractive male. He was wearing George’s favorite purple zip up hoodie sweatshirt. They stopped walking, and embraced into a very passionate kiss.
“I can’t give him a chance, because he’s kissing another man,” I said, pointing to the end of the movie scene that was being played live right outside.
George turned. “OHMYGOD! That liar!” He stormed out of the coffee shop, racing towards them like the Road Runner Cartoon. He looked like a mixture of devastated and angry, a volcano ready to explode.
I watched them through the the glass of the window as George confronted him. George looked like he had been stabbed in the back, while James looked like he hadn’t done anything wrong. I couldn’t exactly decipher what he was saying, but when James took off the sweatshirt, I knew that the nuptials were no more. After ten minutes, he headed back towards me. I didn’t know what to say, but I knew that I had to be supportive because it was clear that he needed me. However, on the inside I wanted to gloat.
“You know what?” he asked.
“What?” I asked.
“You were right, and I was wrong.”
I laughed. “It’s about time you realized that .”
“Seriously? Why couldn’t I realize that? How could I not know this?”
I laughed. “It’s okay.  We all make mistakes. He just wasn’t the man for you”.
We went back to eating our cookie. George ordered another one. After all, chocolate was the best healer of them all.

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