Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Men Who Raised Us.

The men who raise us aren't always a father. Just like the women who raise aren't always mothers. They can be anyone from a teacher, to a friend's parent. Of course, we can't forget the grandparents who always like to go above and beyond to go the extra mile.
The men that raise us can be anyone who loves us, and shows us that there are good men out there, you just have to search to find it. Good men and good women are human. Due to that, sometimes there is things about them that isn't perfect. However, because we love them, we know that they are not truly bad or crazy people. They are the people that we love. They are the people who did what they could for us.
I was raised by my grandfather. Although he had his faults and quirks, he was the man that stood by me. Because of that, I will always remember him as being my grandfather the guy that raised me, with his sense of humor, and crazy ways. I look past those crazy ways, because I love him.
In death, the memories of the good things that he did will always look past the imperfections because even in death the good will always overpower the bad.

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