Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Means No.

One of the pitfalls of being single is having to deal with the creeps that lurk around. Seriously, they are everywhere. It's a jungle out there, ladies and gents, so consider yourself warned.
Unfortunately, I have the displeasure of getting to know one of these creeps. I never met him, that's the first kicker. The second is that he won't leave me alone. At first, it was all good because I thought he was actually a pretty decent person, and wanted to at least get to know him. However, the milk went sour rather quickly. He began to use rather weird terms, and then I slowly but surely wanted nothing to do with him. He thinks that just because I write for fun, it makes me a boring person. He's one of those types of people who just want action, with more action, and nothing else. For a while, he did go away. But now he's back, to be more creepy then ever.
Honestly, I thought I could go out with him, for a coffee because I have nothing better to do. However, I quickly realized that he wasn't what I want or need. I'm currently working my ass off for school, and it's my life and main priority. I'm not saying I don't like to have fun; I just can't be the girl who spends every minute with her boyfriend. It's not healthy, and it's not me. I have school, friends, two blogs and a book to write, and I have dreams. I do want a relationship. I just want someone that realizes that they are not the only thing that's going on in my life. No one can take that away from me.
Guys like that can not take no for an answer. They don't listen, and don't understand that no yes means no. No, I won't give you a blow job. No, I won't give up my virginity just so you can have a good time and later break my heart. I don't want a sexual relationship, and it's my choice to think that. It's no one else's.
I tried to analyze why he's doing this. But yet, I couldn't come up with a reason. Maybe he's ruled by his sexual desire so much that it controls his aggression and therefore making his libido more active? I don't know exactly, all I know is that he's just...creepy.
No means no. No means no I don't like you. No means no I won't do anything with you. It means get it through your thick motherfucking head that I want nothing for you. Don't fucking call me baby, cause I ain't having that bullshit. I'm not your baby and I never will be. Go find a prostutite to deal with all of your sexual desires, because this bitch ain't going to do it with. You've cost me four nights of sleep and worry and I'm fucking done with you. I'm done losing sleep and worrying about whether or not you'll appear one day. I'm done with worrying. I wish you nothing but the best, but please stay away from me. 

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