Saturday, March 2, 2013

Life With Filters.

Who here has an Instagram? For those of you who don't know what Instagram is, either because you live under a rock or just because it's not your thing, Instagram is a social media site or app that you basically edit pictures with a bunch of filters that in a second can change your photo from being blah, to being the best damn thing on the planet.
Then I began to think. Is this what we've come to? Making a false image based on filters, creating a sense of ourselves that perhaps is unreal. We alter the images until they have reached some degree of perfection. Whether it may be with the many filters on the Instagram, or erasing the blemishes on your skin with Picnik or Photoshop, we all create the false imagery of being someone that we are not. Due to this, we are living a life that strives to only be perfect. This is the life with filters.
Living a life with filters can be equal to many things. One is that we can take the average everyday object and make it more beautiful. Take that cup of coffee that you took a picture of this morning. (Come on, we all do it, it's okay to admit it) Another is that we are accustomed to having everything be perfect that often be forget that we as humans tend to be imperfect. Eventually, all we will strive is perfection without realizing that as humans there are cracks in our souls, the scars the mark up our skin. Putting a filter over it will cause us to  work even harder to become people with less scratched up surfaces. Sometimes, the scratches are beautiful to see.
Maybe if we lift these filters from our photographs we can learn to accept the beauty that lies underneath. That is the real beauty, the natural kind. Not the superficial kind. The kind that filters try to hide.
Let's try to life these filters to see what we uncover.

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