Monday, March 4, 2013

Mob Wives-Role Models.

For those of you who know me personally, I'm really into the show Mob Wives. It's my guilty pleasure, something that I enjoy watching nearly every Sunday. Other then the fact that there's drama nearly every episode, (but that's what's so good about it) the women in there are actually really good role models. Each and every one of them is a strong bitch who doesn't take shit from anyone. Every woman is independent, and doesn't take no shit from anybody.
A lot of people wonder why I think that. These women have to deal with a lot on a day to day basis. They have to deal with a man that's in and out of prison. They have to worry about whether or not their kids have a father. We see Drita and Carla deal with that. Some of them were born into it. Karen, Romana, Big Ang and Renee all had male relatives that were in the mafia. They had to grow up with people hating the people the people that raised them. They sometimes had to suffer because their loved ones were behind bars, people calling them names, and losing someone they love for a period of time.
We forget about they are human. They get into fights a lot, just because they don't take shit from anyone. If something or someone doesn't work or treat them in their favor they do something about it. They don't let little flies in their life stay to bother them; they smack them. They are women who take care of themselves, and defend themselves despite what they have stacked on their plate. These women stick together. These women are role models.

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