Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Facebook Official?

When I first got a Facebook, I had to share everything. This was in freshman year, when I thought that everyone actually cared about what I was thinking, and what I was going to eat for dinner. Back in the day, everyone seemed to share everything. This was before Twitter, and before hashtags came into effect. Nowadays, Facebook has been getting less attention than in the past. One of the things is changing your relationship status.
Back in 2008, the first thing that you did after getting in a relationship (besides calling your best friend and turning your claddaugh ring around) was log onto Facebook and transform from 'single' to 'in a relationship.' Get ready to rake in the likes, people. 
I recently read this article about keeping relationships on or offline. It's a debate that has been around as long as the internet. Some people don't change their relationship status. While going to friend's profiles on my personal account, I have noticed that some people often opt to keep their relationship status private or not list it at all. On other accounts, I see people in a relationship and either choose to have their significant other in their default and post occasionally such as anniversaries. That's my opinion of relationships done right. And of course, there's those who constantly post about their relationship. You know those people who make every other status that they write daily about their boyfriend. And of course, the endless amount of selfies that are posted. Every. Damn. Day. 
I personally have mixed feelings about whether or not you should quickly change your relationship. Back in the high school hallways, if you didn't want to post that you were suddenly off the market then you were often perceived that you were ashamed of being in a relationship with that person. Oh, yes high school logic.  
I do think that you should change your relationship status, but eventually. I personally am a fan of the whole not posting it right away thing. I'm talking about waiting for a few days or weeks to pass before posting. I believe that relationships are a private thing, so if you don't want to be online, there shouldn't be a pressure. If you told your mom, your BFF, and your cat, who else really matters? At least, in my opinion no one does. 
We live in an age where it seems like everyone cares about what's on their dinner plates, and taking selfies has become a daily thing. Life as we know it has changed, as a result of technology. So has relationships. This, my friends, is known as becoming 'Facebook official.' That is a bigger step than perhaps meeting the parents. 
To post or not to post about your relationship is up to you. However, it should be done your way, and that's it. Take that internet. 

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