Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shake It Off..

Ever have those people in your life that just make you feel completely awful about yourself? You know the type of people who sa that they aren't judging you, but man they are judging you. They think that they are the best kind of person on the planet. And whatever you have that they don't agree with, they automatically tell you that what you're doing is wrong.
Well who died and made them the ruler of the world?
I have this friend who whenever I talk to her, she makes me feel completely awful about myself and my decisions. Whether it's not being on Dean's List or not having a bae, she always  has to rub salt in my wounds. She thinks that her opinions are the best, and to be quite honest, she's just really annoying.
Want to know what I learned?
There are some people that you simply need to flip off. Excuse my language, but that's true. There are haters around in this world, and they come in all ways, shapes, and sizes. When you encounter them, you do one thing-shake it off. 
This would be a good time to blast Taylor Swift's Shake it Off, my friends. 
The bottom line? 
If someone is telling you how to live your life, then they need to go where the sun don't shine. It's rude, and unnecessary. You do you, cause that is all that matters. I don't believe that there is a person out there that is better or worse than another. I believe that we are all works in progress, and everyday go through getting better. This doesn't happen when someone is constantly telling you what you're doing isn't up to their standards. Chances are, they are just insecure. 
That's all. 

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