Friday, February 13, 2015

Loving Yourself.

Valentine's Day is almost here. There's talk of love everywhere. Do you love your boyfriend? Dog? Well, what about you? You're important, after all and you really need to make sure that you're taken care of.
We as a society sometimes forget that and provoke that mindset. Well, I am a huge fan of treating myself because I think that everyone needs to feel loved. Valentine's Day is all about love. That means going out to buy your boyfriend some sort of gift, yes I agree with that. However, that also should mean going out and buying yourself something.
And for all of you single gals out there, you for sure don't need a boyfriend. Go treat yourself to something tomorrow, because you're an excellent person. Whether it's candy, a sparkling new bauble, or something else go out and buy something that makes you happy.
The relationship that I myself that I need to work on is the one that I have with myself. I need to love myself more because let's face it, I've been way too hard on myself especially as of late. I have insecurities up to wazoo, and doubt and worry like it's my third job. I believe that it's something that I could work on. I have so far, with constant journaling, and using the book 'The Happiness Project.' Putting yourself first isn't selfish, even though sometimes people may think that it is. I have dealt with pressure from society  about my weight, my way of life, my relationship status, and even what I choose to do for a living. There are people in this world that could make you feel like you're not worth anything, and that is complete bull.
Even though it's a total cliche, let me say this. Put yourself first. Love yourself. Love others. Tomorrow is the day of love, so love you. 


  1. Such a wonderful and heartfelt message! It think people just caught up on romance when they think of Valentines Day. But it can just be so much more than that!

  2. Yes! You need to love yourself first before anything else! This way you can cultivate and manifest a beautiful wonderful life and share that love with others!