Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad is the ultimate boss. She's a clothing designer, an author and the ultimate role model. How many times during the course of "the Hills" you stopped and thought "I want to be her?" Everyone can relate to her issues on the show, and she came out looking like the nice girl. Chances are, that number is higher than you probably would have liked to admit. At least, I speak for myself anyways. However, what made Lauren Conrad, also known as LC more reliable is her book "Lauren Conrad Style." While many of her reality classmates, such as the Kardashians and Snooki wrote books as well, Lauren Conrad stands out because she managed to do it about what she loved. Fashion.
The book is basically a magazine disguised as a book. There's a chapter for everything from getting down the basics, to getting your makeup on point. I like this book because Lauren never tells someone how to dress, but rather gives you inside tips. This goes from how to pack for a trip to making sure you have the perfect handbag for every occasion.
This book is a must have because let's face it. Who hasn't sat in front of the mirror and wondered what to wear? LC got you covered, girl. I recommend this book for anyone out there whose interested in fashion. I especially recommend this book to those who are fashion bloggers or who want to write about fashion. (I'm interning for College Fashionista this summer and will be using this book for ideas. Check my blog's Facebook for more of my CF posts) No matter what the trends are, this book will always be this season's must have.

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