Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What Gets Me Through

As a college student, it seems like everything begins to come at you all at once. I'm talking about all of the responsibilities you may have. You have to go to class because that's where your future will be. You have to prepare for classes (ie study for exams, write papers, do homework, etc) because it's what you need to do to pass. You have to work, because let's face it we all need money. And for some of us, we also have internships, second jobs in case you don't make enough at the first one, and other things we need to take care of. And of course, there's this thing called sleep and have a social life. And they say college is the most free time one would have.
However through the hustle and bustle that is college, there's something that motivates me. For those of you who know, I am majoring in journalism. This past semester was one of my roughest ones, because I had too much going around in all directions. Whether it was being an editor of my college newspaper, having too much going on in classes and of course working at the library I literally felt like I was a chicken running around with no head. What got me through that was therapy and of course getting a break to go to Los Angeles. However, something else did too.
And that is? My passion for journalism.
The nutty thing about all of this is even though I wrote pretty much 24/7, I still enjoyed doing it. I loved every interview, because I got the chance to learn more about the school I went to. Through out it all, it made me a better writer. I've learned so much about the field I chose to do in. I've learned how to quote better and how to become a better reporter.
This summer, I'm excited about two (possibly three) more experiences that I'll have. The first is getting the wonderful opportunity to write for my hometown newspaper. The second is getting to be a Style Guru for College Fashionista. The final, maybe thing, is doing some interviewing for my friend's mom's college community. I'm excited about these opportunities, because it will not only give me experience it will give me a chance to go and do what I love.
You see, the reason why I am so passionate about journalism is simply the fact I get to tell other people's stories. Every interview I've done over the past year was to tell a story of someone else's. I've interviewed countless students for their commentaries, a college campus pastor (my favorite person to date whose story I've written) and that's only just naming a few. I get to learn about their worlds, what makes them happy and why they do what they do. To me, there's no greater joy in that because then you get to get the chance to make a difference.
Even as an opinions editor, I got the chance to do just that. Instead of interviewing people, I took what really mattered to me to make my stories better. Even though I lacked experience, the one thing I was also willing to do was learn. And I did. I learned how to use InDesign and how to balance writing multiple articles in about a week's time. Through my classes, my writing is more sharper and I've learned how to master a lead. I've even tried my hand in feature writing, which is no easy task let me tell you.
I'm proud of my past accomplishments, and I'm proud to call myself a journalist. There's nothing I would rather do other than to sit and interview people. And of course, go home to write an awesome lead and nutgraf. Being passionate about something is important, because after all, there's nothing worse than being stuck at a job you hate for the rest of your life. Even though it might be tough, I still want to be the best journalist I can be. And what gets me through? My passion for the field, as well as the fact I'm truly passionate to do something I truly love.


  1. Hi,
    Nice post! I couldnt agree more about how stressful college is in reality! However, at the end of it, being accomplished in what you're passionate about makes all the effort worth it! :)
    -Shaya @ aspiringauth@blogspot.in

    1. Thank you for the comment! I couldn't agree more!

  2. Great job on surviving your semester and using your passion to keep you moving forward! I hope next semester is a little bit less hectic for you!

    1. Thanks! :) thank you so much for the comment! :) I'll be sure to check your blog out~!

  3. SO glad to hear you're getting through your college years! I'm a senior and a Communication Studies major so I def understand. I love meeting fellow journalists...you can do it :)

  4. I love meeting fellow journalists...it's a hard major and you have to get through it through your passion.. you can too! :)