Friday, May 8, 2015

New York I Love You, XOXO

A Pretty Building.
Hey there upper East Siders, blogger girl here with an enlightening tale of four Connecticut girls who made their way to the Big Apple. What started out as a conference, turned into an endeavor for adventure.
Monica, with map. (This picture was taken by Jess)
Spotted in Grand Central, my friends Jess, Jene, Monica and I headed to NYU where of course we couldn't find our way. We took the subway however, Monica's trusty map lead us wrong so we had to resort to Siri. Once we found NYU, we managed to find out the conference started two hours later than it actually planned. So we just stared around and looked at this lovely view.
Once the conference started, we soon realized that there was only one journalism thing so we decided to leave and enjoy the view instead. And explore.
We ate lunch at Bareburger, where I created my very own chicken sandwich. It was delicious. (I also took a picture of it, cause it was that good.)
After that, we got Macrons (my first time), and explored a little. We ended up walking about seven miles, and explored a good part of Manhatten. This trip, although exhausting was worth it, because right before finals, everyone deserves a break, right? We had such a great time, and I'm so glad that I could still maintain friendships that I made in California. They are such great friends, and I hope to spend some time in the summer with them!
You know you love me,
(Some selfies, the top one is Monica's picture)

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