Friday, May 29, 2015

The Thing About Long Distance Friendships...

Gabriel and I circa 2012
For those of you who don't know, one of my best friends goes to college 1,300 miles away in Saint Paul, Minnesota, while I reside in good ol' New Hay Hay, Connecticut. And that person? None other than good ol' Gabriel. 
Gabriel and I met about four years ago in my senior expository writing class, where all we did was sit around and talk for the entire period. When I first met them, I honestly was attracted to them. (I'm not anymore) However, by the end of the semester we became fast friends. The next semester we happened to have another class together-sociology. (Another senior year elective where we did absolutely nothing) We dominated that corner where they bought in pretzels on the daily and had our teacher yell at us for bringing unhealthy foods in the am. (aka Cheeseits)
When I graduated, I was unsure about what was going to happen with the majority of my friendships. During the summer, I lost touch with a good portion of my friends because I was on my way to going to college. However, Gabriel wasn't one of those people. In fact, we frequently stayed in touch and went for long walks.
Throughout my first year of college, I became closer to Gabriel but also to their family. I had gotten to know their parents as well as their sister Bethany. They are the most welcoming people I've ever met. I always go to their mother whenever I need advice and consider their little sister to be my own in some ways.
When Gabriel left to go to Minnesota in the fall of 2013, I honestly wasn't sure what was going to happen. Everything was going to change surely. They were about to embark on an adventure and meet new people. They would eventually try new things and work on improving themselves for the better.
However, as we grew in entirely different directions, we managed to remain friends. Close friends, even. We argue, yet they are the type of people that I can't stay mad at forever. I guess sometimes people fall into your life for a reason.  Some of this reason is good, while sometimes you just can't figure out why they are there. Gabriel's been there for me for the good, bad and ugly. They were there when I failed my driving test, they were there when I finally passed it and they were there as I went through my many freak outs. (And there were many)
As they say in "Toy Story", Gabriel "you've got a friend in me." Thanks for being so awesome. Also, if you happen to be reading this...don't get a big head over this...;)
Gabriel and I...last week.

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