Monday, May 4, 2015

End of the Semester Photo Diary

These past few weeks have been so busy with events from school, final projects and just life in general. Here's a quick recap, in case you all were wondering what I've been up to as of late.
The Big Event:
For those of you who don't know, the Big Event is an event at most college campuses where many gather to volunteer. This year, Monica and I decided to get together. We ended up raking leaves at a local park which was really fun. It felt so good to give back and learn more about New Haven's history.

Monica and I. Monica is wearing the free T-Shirt we got.
New Haven Adventures with Squad:
A few weeks ago, my friends from the newspaper and I decided to go to a Mediterranean restuarant in downtown New Haven. After eating, we ventured to Blue State, where I had a warm apple cider, and then we went to a bunch of various shops across New Haven. We ended our adventure with a sweet treat-fro yo. Since I'm now lactose intolerant, I got dairy free yogurt, which actually wasn't half bad. And of course, we took mad selfies.

Jene and Monica. Jess had to leave early.
What lactose intolerant kids eat when at Fro Yo.
Lighthouse Park with other Squad: 
One Sunday we decided to hang out after I got out of work. Our destination? Light House park, where we took a ton of photos, thanks to Theresa's boyfriend. We then hit up Olive Garden, where there was a lot of breadsticks and yummy food.

Friends (Theresa and Verenized)

I try to be cute sometimes.

The beach as the sun sets. 

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