Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: TJ Maxx

As a college kid, one of the things that I don't have a lot of is money. So, if I can save money while doing some retail therapy, I will. 
Enter the answer to my prayers. TJ Maxx and Marshall's. 
TJ Maxx, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, is a store where you can find designer clothes for a cheaper price. You can find brands such as Dooney and Bourke, Micheal Kors and American Eagle for a much cheaper price than their website or even in the stores. (The only other exception is the outlets, which are the best place to find designer clothing/watches/handbags at a cheaper price.) For a college student with a craving for high end fashion, but struggles with making the bank this is a perfect fit. 
One of the keys to scoring big at TJ Maxx is understanding the store changes almost every week. Everytime you go into the store chances are it will be different than the time before. It's also a hit or miss kind of thing. Sometimes, you'll score big while others you'll walk out empty handed. 
For those who want to learn the inside rules of TJ Maxx, here's some tips. First and foremost, if you love something pick it up. Everytime I say I love something but decide to go back at a later date, it's usually gone. Unless there's a lot of things that you like, pick it up. Some of my recent TJ Maxx purchases include a Dooney and Bourke cell phone wallet, a Dooney and Bourke Barrel Bag for $56 dollars and a pair of black Coach shoes. All of these purchases I feel in love with instantly and had to get. If you experience that feeling, pick it up. Otherwise, you'll probably never find them again. Pessimistic, yes. But it's true.
 Second of all, remember just because something's a good deal doesn't mean you'll actually use it. Think about it. Just because something is cute and inexpensive doesn't mean you need it. If it's something that you can't live without than pick it up. If you're not extremely excited about it and can't stop thinking about it than get it. 
Third of all, look everywhere in the store. You can find the most interesting things hidden in the weirdest places. You can find cute stationary (if you're a blogger than I know this will be appealing for you), cute mugs and even books inexpensively. You can find so many things you've probably never think you'd fine. 
So the bottom line-if you're looking for something check your local TJ Maxx. Guarenteed to make shopping ten times better. 
Have you been to TJ Maxx? If so, what are some of your finds there?


  1. Natalie,

    I love TJ Maxx , its like a treasure hunt going there. You have to patient and really look around but sometimes you get lucky and find incredible things. My best find is probably my most recent one, when I snagged a nude color Michael Kors bag that I use all the time.

    -Kelsey Lee

    1. I couldn't agree more! Wow that's awesome! Enjoy your bag!

  2. I love TJ Maxx! I go there often to find gifts for others at a cheaper price. My only problem with it is that it can be such a mess, and finding things can be quite annoying. Another thing I love about it is that they have lay-away and now they even have an online store!

    1. Same here! I agree. I didn't know they had layaway though.