Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An "Adult" Birthday

This past Sunday, I turned 21. Yes, that means I now can legally drink and gamble. 21 is the big year where you're an official adult and suddenly are expected to do adultlike things. It's like one minute you're allowed to screw up and the next you're expected to have everything all together.
Like everything, when you're an adult and it's your birthday, things change. All of a sudden, the game has changed. Here's how.
You have to spend your birthday money on something really pratical. Or, to pay a bill. 
When I was younger, all I would do is wait for my birthday and then splurge the money on various books and toys. Now that I'm older, I have to actually use the money for things like paying my car insurance, or buying books for school. Ah, the struggles of being a college student. However, I did splurge on some new books to finish out my summer reading, which is always a good thing.
You might have to work on your birthday. 
Now that you're older you have responsibilities. Like going to work. Nothing is more adult than work. Sometimes, you're just going to have to be stuck at work versus actually having a good time. But, after work remind yourself that you can give yourself a little treat. 
Birthday parties are suddenly dinner outings with friends. 
Instead of parties, you'll be going out with a few of your closest friends. This isn't bad, but it's not the bash you were once hoping to have.
Birthdays are reminders you're getting old. 
How am I 21? Who allowed that to happen? Whenever my birthday goes around, I always get depressed because I thought that I should have done more than I actually did. Then, I feel pretty shitty about it. Then, I realize having goals is just stupid, and I should get over myself. The end.

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