Friday, July 24, 2015

What It's Like to Be a Style Guru For College Fashionista

My friend Elisia doing a beauty bar shoot.

Shooting an All in the Details with Bethany.
Style Guru Style Posts are fun with florals. 
As many of you know, this summer I've been interning as a Style Guru for the website College Fashionista. (If you want to check out my articles, please do!) Basically, it's a website that reports about the trends on my campus, Southern Connecticut State University.
When I got the internship back in April, I was so excited because I never really written about fashion before other than a few wannabe fashion blogger posts, and a few posts on my section's Fashion Column. So, this was going to be a fun challenge, and I couldn't wait!
The internship consists of writing a 250-500 word article weekly and attaching at least three images. One of them has to be a full body, while the other two have to be close ups. There are five different types you can choose from: Fashion Advice of the Week, Beauty Bar, What to Wear, Style Guru Style, and All in the Details. During the course of the semester, you have to make sure you do one of those columns at least once.
This semester I've learned more about fashion than ever before. I've learned how to report it and even perfect my images. I've also connected with some great people, and was able to polish off my writing which is always a plus. I'm so grateful to have this learning experience, and I even signed up to be a Fashionista in the fall. My friend Paige will also be joining me, and I'm super excited about it.
If you are interested in applying to College Fashionista, please contact me and I'll give you all of the necessary information! If you are considering to do so, I recommend it highly especially if you're a blogger, a journalist, or just interested in fashion.


  1. sounds like an awesome internship! xx, kenz

  2. Thank you! It is, I enjoy it! :D Thanks for the comment!