Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Top Life Lessons From LC

Lauren Conrad is like my idol in case you all didn't already know this. Lately, I've been binge watching "The Hills" whenever I get the time and am almost done with season three. The one thing that I like about Lauren is that she always is right about any given situation. So, here's some of my favorite quotes, brought to you by none other than LC. All images were taken from my Behind the Blog board on Pinterest.
Whenever you feel like you're alone:
 Lauren Conrad perfect quote
Whenever you are in a toxic relationship and can't get yourself to realize it:
LC on 'innocent' bystanders:
 Lauren Conrad- The Hills
On moving on from an ex:
 Guy Logic: When you stop caring, they want you back
On knowing when you're in love:

On staying strong:
 Lauren Conrad, The Hills GIFs |
On forgiving and forgetting:
 best line by lauren conrad <3

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