Friday, November 6, 2015

Who Says Retail Therapy Can't Solve Your Problems?

One of the most unhealthy things I do is whenever I'm feeling blue, I go in my car and go shopping. "Treat yourself," I tell myself as I purchase something "shiny and new" such as a new purse, sweater or if I make a trip to Dava to buy a new ring. Add that with a little bit of Starbucks, and my deepest blues seem to sail away.
Yes, I'm living in a material world, and yes I'm a material girl.
A PuraVida Bracelet I Bought Recently.
This past semester has been beyond rough for me. And yes, I know shopping isn't the answer to solving your problems. But, here's my mentality. Sometimes, you just got to treat yourself. Sometimes, it's okay to splurge on a new ring, a new purse or even some books.
Because you deserve it. Every now and then, we need to treat ourselves to something because we are worth a million. Sometimes, we need to treat ourselves out to a wonderful meal by ourselves or with friends with great food. Or, sometimes, we need to have an extra special dessert. While it's important to save our money for rainy days, it's also important to things that make us happy and smile. After all, sometimes we buy a dress that looks amazing, or a piece of jewelry that can add a sparkle to an ensemble.
The take home message here is simple. Sometimes retail therapy can solve our problems and make life a little brighter. After all, part of loving yourself is treating yourself.

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