Friday, November 20, 2015

NanoWriMo Week 2 Update

Current word count:29,288 out of 50,000 (As of 11/16/2015)
Hi guys! So I'm updating you all on my latest endeavors writing for NanoWriMo. Since my last update, I've written over 18,000 words, and 66 pages. I still can't believe how much I've been able to accomplish. Usually, right about now I would be giving up. However, I still can't help but be encouraged to write more. I could see that this would be the year that I actually finish my novel, which is really exciting.
One of the problems I've been having is trying to figure out how to make my novel last 50,000 words. I know that the problem I'm going to create for my character is going to last a little while longer, but I'm not sure how long it's going to make it last while being interesting. However, once I'm done writing this update, I'm going to pen an introduction.
Furthermore, the biggest update I have novelling is that I'm on Tablo. So far, I've published the first chapters and I'm looking to publish more as time goes on. By the end of the month, expect the entire novel to be up.
Anyways, this weekend I'm going to be spending it novelling. Stay tuned next week for a special update.