Monday, November 30, 2015

Music Monday: 25 by Adele

Adele has been a busy woman. She's been taking over the iTunes music charts, with song "Hello" as number one, and "When We Were Young" at number 10. She's even been breaking world records, as her album has sold more copies than Taylor's Swift's "1989" and Drake's "If You're Reading This It's Too Late,' even breaking records held by *NSYNC's "No Strings Attached", according to an article called "12 Mind-Boggling Facts About Adele's Record Breaking Debut."

However, before we talk about the records, let's focus on the music. Because, let's face it, it's a pretty great album. The release was a long awaited follow up to Adele's "21," and says "hello" (no pun intended) to the next phase of the singer's life. Some of themes include moving on from heartbreak, and motherhood.
The album starts out with "Hello," which is the album's lead single. The song is a beautiful and emotional cry to one's ex-lover who they haven't spoken with in a while to get them to reunite, and is a great track to get the listener ready for the next hour (I have the deluxe edition) of "25." Breakups are a common theme with the album, but unlike "21" when they talk about the raw emotions of a breakup, they deal with the scars. Songs like "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," "When We Were Young," and "Water Under the Bridge" deal with these themes. Other songs, such as "Sweetest Devotion," talk about motherhood, as the song is dedicated to Adele's song. While the album is classified as R 'n' B in my iTunes, I see some similarities to Taylor Swift's "1989," with songs such as "Water Under the Bridge." However, each and every one of the album's tracks showcase Adele's beautiful vocals, and song writing abilities.
"25" is something that I believe is unlike any other release recently. Adele is clearly talented, and she has the vocal range and ability to prove it. Even though it's been four years since "21" has been released, I can tell you the album was worth the wait. Adele shows lyrical and musical maturity, and each of these songs are something that have been listening to since the day that I got the album. (Which was last week, at Target.)
Overall, I recommend "25" by Adele. Sure, it's something that everyone is talking about. Sure, "Hello" is a bit overplayed.  However, it's an album that I believe is one of the best of 2015, and perhaps maybe an album that's going to be an classic in the years to come. Therefore, I recommend everyone--from the classic rock junkies to the rap music enthusiasts--to give this album a listen. I know you all will enjoy it. If you do purchase this album, I recommend that you get it from Target. You get three extra singles with the deluxe edition, all of which are amazing as the 11 in the standard edition.
Songs to Listen to: Hello, Send My Love (To Your New Lover), I Miss You, Remedy, Water Under the Bridge, When We Were Young, River Lea, Love in the Dark.
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  1. I have only heard Hello from this album & it was so good. Thanks to all the internet memes and social media, I couldn't miss this mega-hit.

    1. Yeah, this is a popular album. The song Hello is especially popular. I do recommend you listening to it though.