Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Love is Blind.

There's this Alicia Keys song that goes something like "It's too bad because all love is blind". In a way, that's the truest statement on the planet. I've been watching it, in both people, and in reality TV shows. I've been watching friends, and people who are paid to complain about their lives on a camera go through it.
Why is it like that though? Why do we see that one person of interest as being perfect, having no flaws, almost as if they weren't actually human? Is it the way that love is supposed to be? 
Honestly, I want to be in love with a human, or someone who I don't think of as being on a pedastal. I want imperfect love; the kind where you don't worry about what you're wearing or the makeup, I want cracked love. I want to be able to eat in front of someone, and not feel ashamed. (yes, I've read somewhere that girls do tend to do that, and I think that it's completely stupid.) I want someone to love me, but also the imperfect side of me.
But love can sometimes blind us to the point where we can't see real probelms that need to be seen. For example, in abusive relationships, the victim tends to not see the fact that their relationship is twisted, the fact that they are being hit by someone that they love and it shouldn't happen. Love is supposed to be happy, not full of bruises, mentally or emotionally. We don't see this rather big flaw, because we love that someone and we just want them.
In the hit television show the hills, I see that with Heidi and Spencer. (Yes, I watch the Hills, it's quite addicting) Spencer basically pressured Heidi to move in with him, and I don't think that's a very good idea, especially on his end. You don't pressure someone you love. You just wait.
Overall, love is perhaps the blindest thing that we as humans can ever stumble accross. Sometimes, we just need to put our glasses on, and maybe, we can see the cracks. 

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