Friday, July 13, 2012


Today, while hanging out with a close friend of mine, a word of mine was brought to my attention. The word curious. The word simply means, according to my handy dandy dictionary, is eager to know something. We, as humans, tend to be curious about many things. Some might be curious about their sexuality. Others might be curious about the way the world works, like my friend is. Basically, whenever something puzzled him, like a word that we didn't know the defination of, or the distance between my college and my house (which is a solid 1.4 miles, folks), he would turn to his smart phone, and look it up. When I laughed and asked him why, he answered "because I'm curious."
Curiousity is a part of human nature. It's a part of the way that the world works, it's a part of the way humans are programmed. Often, people deny their curiousity because of fear of looking silly or laziness. But, if we gave into the whole curiousity thing, maybe we'll know more about the world around us. Ignorance can possibly be prevented.
What am I curious about? I'm curious about a lot of things. Most of them is the way that things work. Ireland. I want to travel, and explore the world. I want to play the flute, and maybe branch out to piccolo (I'm more curious about the piccolo, since I consider myself to be an advanced flute player.)
My point is that maybe we should indulge ourselves in our curiousity, enjoy it's sugary sweetness, and use it to be more well rounded.

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