Thursday, July 26, 2012

"To Stop and Smell the Roses".

In the fast paced lives that we live in, we often forget about the little things, or to appericate them. (okay, to all of the grammar Nazi's out there, I know I spelled the word wrong. If you want, you can correct me) We often forget the little things in life, like a rainbow, or a hidden flower.  Those little things, simple yes, are things that often are over looked.
Often, time after time, we worry about the things that really don't matter. We worry about things, such as making money, finding a partner, or just small problems. Sometimes, we let the waves of life carry us in a direction that leads us into a scary surf of problems, and confusion. I can admit, myself as a teenage girl, often come to the conclusion that a small problem such as not having that "it" piece of clothing, or being without a boyfriend.(don't judge me)
Those things are small, compared to the grand scale in life. In our hasty ways, we often forget to look at the grand scale of life. We often forget to stop, and stare at the world, because underneath the problems and the hate there is a world that is truly peaceful, whether in nature, or in water (a personal area of peace for me; when I'm at the beach, I can always clear my head, and relax.
We often forget that there is small things in life that have the same meaning as the larger. By taking the time of day to do those small things, we can find inner peace, and happiness, and all of that fun stuff.

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