Monday, July 23, 2012

The Record Store..

Today, I got the opportunity to shop for CDs. It's literally one of my favorite things in the whole wide world to do, because I've loved music since I was an infant. I've been collecting CDs (compact discs) since I was about thirteen years old, and I have over thirty five hundred (equal to about 20 gigs) songs on my iTunes. Most of them, are taken from CDs from my collection, and the ones of my mother, father, kid brother, and friends. Today, I bought the entire discography of Christina Aguilera, one of my favorite singers of all time. (it's a tie between her, the Bangles, Demi Lovato, and Luke Bryan, these days.)
I've noticed lately how hard it is for me to find places that have good, decent music. (Well to add to my CD collection) I'm trying to find every CD Madonna ever made, (I've succeeded in finding three, the next one is Confessions on a Dance Floor. The place where I went didn't have it sadly) and the places where I'm able to get music don't have it. If they do, it's over ten dollars a pop, if it's not in the top twenty, which most of my music isn't..
I recently read an article about how in five years, CDs will be outdated. As much as I love digital downloading, (with my amount of music, the ability of being able to go onto iTunes, and getting any song at any time, is amazing), I still hold an attachment to the many CDs that occupy my bottom desk drawer. I collect CDs because I think that they are like art. The artist goes through so much to make the CD, from the cover art to it, to making sure everything is right. I love looking through the little booklets that come with them personally, in a way it's like you're learning about what's on the CD. (am I only person in the world that does that?)
Well, the point is, other than I'm a nerd with many CDs to keep me company on a Friday night, is that the decline of the 'record store' makes me sad, because then we are truely living a digital world. As much as it is great, sometimes, it's good to have things on hard copy.

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