Monday, July 30, 2012


I don't think I spelled the title of this entry right. If I haven't, then I deeply am sorry, and plan to invest into some spell check. Until then, I plan to carry on with this blog entry. Be prepared world.
This past weekend, as many of you guys are, I was tuned into the 2012 Olympic games. I will admit that I've not seen much, nor understood it. (I'm not exactly the world's biggest sports fan) However, it did get me to thinking about something.
It got me thinking about how amazing it is how many people there are that are united by a single front, or thing in common. It reminds me that people can be united, and exist together, peacefully. It reminds me that the dream exists in people that are next door to me, and the dream exists in people who live halfway across the world.
We are all human. We all dream. When we cry, we cry tears. When we laugh, it's usually because something funny just happened. We all aren't that different after all.
And that's what the Olympics, every four years, reminds me of.

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