Monday, July 2, 2012

Behind the Eyes

In my old AP pyschology class, we learned about the fundamental attribution error. What basically it means is that we are too quick to judge someone's actions without actually getting to know them. Like if someone is cutting you off in a road then you will probably call them an asshole or a jerk. However, they could be doing that because they are I. A hurry because a loved one is in the hospital or some other dramatic reason.
In high school, I've noticed that happen so many times. There was this girl on my bus that literally annoyed the crap out of me everyday. However I e day, she was crying about how hard her home life is. I have this friend whose home life is horrible an finds refuge in her boyfriends home because of her parents drama. Another friend deals with the confusion of being gay.
Some people tend to judge just based on how you appear. Some people tend to never look past the eyes. They tend to look at the appearance of them rather than the pain that's behind them. Judging someone by their appearance is simply a part of human nature. In the movie hitch, I learned close to 70 percent of things said are non verbal and based on appearance.That means what you see is what you get.
I'm a person with many layers of personality. As the guy in the Blind Side said "She's like an onion-you've got to peel her one layer at a time". I'm like that too. I have many layers of my personality. I struggle with my wieght, loniliness, and the desire for a father figure in my life. I wish sometimes I could walk around without a fear in the world, to be able to jump and not give a shit about the fall, and not care. But that's not the person I am.
I know that life has things happen for a reason. I think what comes around goes around. I think that I shouldn't have the fears that I do, but at night, they lie beside me. In my dreams, I am in a happy place, a utopia of no fears of the fall. I have a father figure, one who loves me and doesn't want to screw me over. I want a friend, a campanion. A beagle or a cat would suffice. Behind my eyes, lies a vulenerable girl whose not as tough as she looks.
Why don't you look behind the eyes? 

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