Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Tomarrow is my 18th birthday. The birthday that fully makes me a legal adult. I can now vote, get a piercing with out a parent's consent, buy lottery tickets, smoke cigarettes, and face all criminal charges as an adult. Like graduation, I felt like this day would never come, yet now that it has, I can't help but want it all back. I miss the days of childhood, when I would play with dolls, and read oodles of chapter books. I used to read at least fifty books a summer. I miss the days of middle school (okay maybe not so much) trying to find my place in a world that accerlated quickly. But most of all, I'll miss high school. I'll miss band classes with my crazy teachers, I'll miss having lunch in the libary with my friends, I'll miss walking around with people, and of course, I'll miss my badminton team.
This stage of my life is so unpredictable. I wonder if I'll still be friends with people who I now am so close to. There are people who I fear so much that I'll lose touch with, who I really don't want to. I feel the open arms of my college campus welcome me, but I still feel tied down with my former life, and feelings.
They say that the high school years are your best years. When I heard that, as a freshman, I just laughed in the person's face. Here I was in a school with little organized guidance department, and with a desperate desire for friends and a boyfriend, and it was supposed to be great? I wanted to know what the hell was wrong with them, because clearly they were wrong.
Now looking back, they were right. Sure, high school had it's up and downs, but overall it was an awesome time for me. I met SO many awesome and diverse people, got to experience being in a relationship for the first time (Yes, I did get my heart broken, but I lived and learned), learned what is good, and not good for my body and most of all was able to find out who I wasn't. I have the next four years to discover who I am now, but yet I still want a little more time to be a minor.
But before I turn's some lessons I want to share with my friends who are still in high school (and love you all A LOT).
  1. You only live once. Everyday could be your last, you just never know what the hell is going to be accross the corner, or down the street. 
  2. Somethings are worth fighting for. Love, or a cause, those things are worth the fight.
  3. Never confine what society or anyone wants you to be. Be who you want to be. The people who put you down are either jealous, or just complete jerks. 
  4. Listen to your heart. Sometimes, it might not make sense, or even come out in a way that it does, but your heart knows (sometimes, better than you do) what you want. Put it's volume up, and give it a listen. 
  5. Everyone has probelms. Everyone has their own sad stories to tell. You're not alone in the world. 

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