Saturday, March 8, 2014

21 is the Loniliest Number

21 is the age to be. Once you're 21, its something that reminds us that we are basically adults. You can get liquor in the US, and basically do all of the other rights that are promised to us at age 18. So many of my peers are looking forward to this age. I am too, because hey why not be able to get booze? However, with this great freedom comes some sort of responsibility. Or at least, being careful and not doing anything completely and utterly stupid like drinking more than you can handle and all of that stuff.
In my opinion, I feel like this birthday is some sort of liberation of becoming an adult and being free. Becoming an adult with more freedoms, and therefore trusted with the ability to drink legally. Now that our bodies have matured enough, we are able to handle the great responsibilities of becoming an adult. However, with that being said I think that there's more to it than that. Is it the freedom to do whatever we want to be so appealing?
Some may say that turning 21 is part of the party culture. Only now, you can get as much beer, wine, and other drinks as you want. Being 21 is that right of passage. Some people think that becoming 21 is that excuse to party even harder. Some underage peeps even try to hit up those who are this golden age just to get their underage hands on some wine. It's a long 21 years til you reach the world of being legal.
I will be turning 21 next year. I have no plans of going out and getting drunk. However, I do plan to have my first alcoholic beverage, and some wine. I don't plan on getting wasted, but I do want to celebrate the fact that I am now able to drink these things, and purchase them legally. Yay to being of age. One thing that I don't like to see is people judging people who think that having wine, and having a lot of its a bad thing. If you want to go crazy on your 21st, that's your business. It's a big birthday, yes. Hence the wine, and champagne. However, I want to remember it, and not wake up and wonder what the hell happened the night before.  Therefore, it's a celebration. Not a chance to get passed out drunk. 


  1. Hope you have a great b-day. 21 seems so long ago for me.

    1. haha aww. but thanks! it's not for a while, because my birthday isn't til July!