Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"When Will My Reflection Show..."-TGBL

Linking up with Haley and Lauren again this week! I am honestly so excited. This week's question is to write about why do you blog? I thought it was a great time to reflect on my growing experiences as a blogger, one that I am very much thankful for. 

I started blogging the summer before my junior year in high school . My goal was to create something that reflected positively on me. I had watched Julie and Julia (which many times I've said that is the source of my inspiration of my blog) and had wanted to start something like that on my own. Minus the food. So, my old blog Notations was born.
At first, I wrote about issues that mattered. Well not really but to me at the time. For example, I wrote about how guys categorized girls for my first entry. Not bad, 16 year old Natalie. My entries, looking back at them now, were really short, with a bunch of topics. They weren't very detailed either. As you can see, my blog is a lot more in depth than that. In 2011, my blog was my version of Carrie Bradshaw's column. I was Carrie Bradshaw before it was cool pretty much. I had characters such as 'Mr. Big', 'Charlotte', and countless others. Everyone had their own name, which at the time I thought that I was the bee's knees. Then my grandfather died, and I used my blog as an outlet to let out all of my emotions. I was a sad and confused teenager, who just wanted someone to hear her. And love her.
Finally, I had some friends wake me up from my depression. Thus, I decided to create a new blog to devote more energy that's positive. In April 16, 2012, I officially began to write Finding My Voice.
Ever since then, I've gained 14 GFC followers, about 18 bloglovin' followers, over 9,000 views, and have officially joined the blogging community, full of people like me trying to find their voice. I read blogs in the morning while drinking coffee, the way that in the past some people read the newspaper.  I love every minute of it, watching how my blog, my writing, and myself can grow from when I first entered the blogging scene as a whiny teenager who just wanted someone to love her.
However, that probably didn't answer your question now did it. I told you why I started, how I grew into this lovely blog, and where I'm at now. But that's okay. I blog because it's something that I enjoy doing. I blog because there's some kind of audience, ready to show the world what I'm made of. I blog because I'm a writer, and I've heard somewhere that writing something constantly will only get me that much closer to becoming a better writer. I blog because I have a voice, and I'm ready for it to be heard. I blog because I feel satisfaction when my post is successful, and I notice some signs of improvement. Every day, like a plant, my blog will grow.
And my journey's just begun. I have a lot more insightful blog entries about social issues, great music, and other cool stuff. I am a blogger, but I am extremely proud to be wearing that title. Thanks to my blog, in a sense, I have in fact found my voice.

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  1. Love that you blog because you enjoy it!! Can't wait to see where your blog goes!

    1. thank you so much! Same goes for your blog!

  2. Some people still read newspapers! :) It's neat to hear about your history! I didn't know all this. Miss you! <3

    1. Your brother told me that no one But thanks! I miss you too:) when Gabriel comes back I have a feeling we'll be hanging out again!