Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top Three Fav Cartoon Characters!

I'm a little kid at heart, but I think that everyone has a favorite cartoon character that makes them really happy. No matter what age you are, when you see them you're like a little kid and it just makes you happy. Even in our adult days, we can't resist. I have three, because I am just cool like that. Hence the whole post dedicated to my favorite characters.

Snoopy; Okay, so for all of you who don't know Snoopy is my favorite character ever, and I have an obsession with him. You gotta accept these things, and I do greatly. I honestly can't resist when he's on television, because Christmas, Easter, and Halloween isn't the same unless you catch up with the gang for the hundredth time. Whether it's Snoopy coming out from the pumpkin patch, or cooking Thanksgiving dinner with the classic toast, jelly beans, and pretzels, it just is something that adds overall holiday cheer to every single holiday.

Lucy Van Pelt; Yo, this is the crabby little girl. But, behind her crabby outer features there's more to her. Yes, she steals footballs. But, she's not afraid to tell you like it is. And she's really sensitive. There's more to her than being the bully, and we see that later on the comic strip. Out of all of the children on Charlie Brown, she will always be my favorite.

Minnie Mouse; The only Disney character I like is Minnie Mouse. She's been popular since the 1950s, and she's Mickey's awesome sidekick, slash girlfriend. But, she's just like a little black dress-classic. Even though she's a bit more popular than Snoopy, she's just awesome with or without Mickey. She's known to rock any kind of dress that she wants, and is kind of like Barbie. All and all, Minnie Mouse is just awesome.

Whose your favorite cartoon character? Comment below!

Sources for images are from Google images.


  1. I love them all!!
    Snoopy is definitely deserving of the top, he's such a smart ass sometimes. Haha.


    1. I agree, he's the best :) I'm glad someone appreciates my logic. lol