Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Shake It, Break It; Unknown to Fate"

It's safe to say that everything in life is a result of fate. Who we're friends with, what we decide to do as  a living, and who we are romantically involved with. It's all up to some sort of decision or other event that has happened to us.
How many of you every wondered what would have happened if something did or didn't happen? Like if you didn't go to that certain event, then you would not have met that cute guy that is so called the love of your life. I wonder if I had chosen different paths in life I would be doing different things, and perhaps on a different one. Are we all in the mercy of fate's hands?
I think that we are. We all in some ways victims of fate. If I didn't decide to join the paper, then I never would have realized that I want to be a journalist. If I didn't switch my major twice, then I wouldn't have met the awesome people that I did. If I didn't switch my math class, I would not have met someone so great. I guess fate as a way of playing its way out when we least expect it. We're all victims of fate because it knows what we're doing even when we don't.
Fate is confusing to the naked eye. It's confusing to me, and I have four of them. Sometimes, we think that life is journey that is predestined, and picked out for us the second that we left the womb. It's crazy to think that someone has the answers, even though you don't. It's comforting in some ways, because then you know after all of this angst and depression, everything will be okay in the end. 


  1. Yea I definitely sit and wonder the what if's but sometimes I sit and say "Thank god I didn't do that or thank God we didn't last or else this would've happened." God doesn't give us things he knows we can't handle. We have to have faith in him and trust him that his will be done. He knows best.

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