Friday, March 21, 2014

#inspirationmovement-Words Are Like Weapons, They Wound Sometimes

Sometimes, people just suck. To put simply that is. When there’s no explanation for why they do, these people exist simply for the reason to bring you down. They don’t care how they do it, along as the deed is done they simply don’t care. Sometimes, there’s reasons why they do it. Whether it’s that bully on the playground whose taking out their inner angst about their home life on you, or that mean girl who clearly wanted to bring you down because they are jealous or insecure. Bullying exists in many ways, and in many forums. Since the development of the internet, its expanded to even there. Now, those who wish to have an escape to have no way of escaping. It’s everywhere, and it’s something that needs to be stopped.
                Raise your hand if you’ve ever been bullied. How many of you have also felt like that there’s no way out? How many of you dreaded going to school because you were scared of what you were going to face? Bullying is something that is a real issue. Statistics show 42 percent of Americans have been bullied. I think that number should be zero.
I think that bullying is something that really should be illegal. I think that anyone who makes someone feel bad about themselves should consider themselves to be a criminal. It’s something that needs to be stopped. I wish there was a society where there would be none of this going on. I wish that words were something that were exchanged like a token and a gift, not as swords and guns. But this exists.
I dedicate this entry to the people who are being bullied every time that they log into the computer. I dedicate this entry to the person who is struggling to find out who he really is, because they want to please a bunch of bigots. I dedicate this entry to the girl who wants to wear something different, but doesn’t because she feels like she’s going to be ridiculed. For those who feel like you have no one to sit there and listen to your story.
Well, that’s going to change. Sorry mean girls. Sorry everyone who uses the word ‘fag’ and ‘gay’ like its something that means nothing. Cause for all of those people who feel like they don’t have a voice, well now you do. If you need someone to talk to, you can email me. If you need a friend, you can contact me.

And you have a voice I promise.