Thursday, March 13, 2014

Society and the Single Girl-"You've Got Mail"

Whenever I think of online dating, I think of the movie You've Got Mail. You know the one where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fall forever in love, via computer screen. It's something so romantic, yet so naive. Someone can actually use their computer for more than just buying too many shoes. You can use it to meet people! OMG. Wait, that's what the entire blogging community is made out of. Virtual connections. I actually met my real life friend Emma on the internet. (We go to the same college). But can the same thing work for dating?
Shows like Catfish give me the creeps because they open your eyes and make you realize that the person that you're talking to behind the screen gasp, may not be who they said that they are. Then there's the whole aspect of people who are online date are just creepy predators who are just looking for their hormonal fix. And that just scares me. I have trust issues as it is, guys. Why would I be able to trust someone who I met on the internet? I tried to trust someone who my friend gave me their number to, and all that did was get me a creep stalker. (Single girl problems at their finest) So, the internet is no different right?
But here's the thing, I am kind of curious about the whole thing. Maybe I could meet my soulmate on the internet. (You all remember my post about soulmates, right?) Maybe I could meet someone awesome.
I've read Rachel's from Sunshine and Sinatra adventures about her online dating. I mean they are pretty crazy. But still I am curious about this Tinder. I've never tried it, and I'm actually not interested in looking for someone to settle down and put a ring on it. I'm an awkward wallflower so maybe this might be a good idea. I'm not even out of my teens yet, so that's kind of off the table. Maybe it could be fun. Maybe it could be something worth trying out, or a complete and total disaster. What do you all think?


  1. I've tried Tinder, and I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. I only used it when I was in a pretty unhappy place, and all I wanted was some fun. Too bad that "fun" turned into wanting something more after we actually hung out for six months. I'm much happier in every sense of the word. If you want to talk about it sometime, feel free to email me at I think I've been in every kind of relationship out there haha!

    1. Haha well I'm glad it worked out for you! :) I'm debating about it, because I want to try it just to try it, but at the same time I don't want to do the creep. Anyways, thanks for the email address, girl! I may email you soon!

  2. I found my husband on OKCupid. So I can vouch for it, but you have to be very careful too. I brought two close friends with me for the first few dates just for some piece of mind!