Friday, August 1, 2014

Is This Happiness?

Sometimes, relationships from the start are doomed. People ask us to change, whether it's to change our personality, hair, or point of view. We often realize, at the time of being intoxicated by love that we blindly follow into someone's view on how we should be, not how we actually are. We often think it's for the better.
That's when relationships often fail or crack. Relationships have the tendency of cracking as a result of too much expectation and too much tension. Sometimes, we find a mixture of the both. Whatever the case may be, we often realize that we should probably void the relationship at the time when we reach the point of complete and total blind bliss.
At the end of the day, we deserve people that like us for our quirks. Whether it's because our hair is too frizzy, or that we like to jam to Destiny's Child and Miley Cryus. It's a funny thing that when we like someone, we often alter ourselves to be who they want us to be, not who we want ourselves to be.
We have to wonder if this is truly happiness? Is this a solid home, or a glass house that can be broken at a throw of an insult.
I don't think so, because if it was actually happiness that nobody would ask us to change. You would make them so happy that they would wonder what they did to deserve someone as awesome as you. Everyone on this world needs to have that in a relationship, whether romantic or platonic. We often forget our worth. I even fall into that trap of not realizing that I am worth more than being told what I should be. I did that before, and I am not making that mistake anymore.
At the end of the day, we have to realize that we can't budge. Whether it's something that someone hates about us, or something that someone wishes that we would change we have to remember that we are in fact worth something more than being told to be a part of someone's view of how we should be. We have to realize that we are worth having people in our lives that tell us that we are the best things that we have ever seen, and are blinded by our inner and outer beauty. And that, my readers is a proven fact. 

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