Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things I Love Thursday-Claddagh Ring From MagickCats

One of the best things about Etsy is the people behind the shop. When I was a bit down, I decided to order a Claddagh ring. Claddagh rings, for those of you who don't know the history are rings from Ireland. It's design features two hands holding a heart, and the heart is under the crown. The heart means love, the hands mean friendship and the crown means royality. However, the way that one wears the ring shows the relationship status of the wearer of the ring. (When I first started wearing one my juinor year of high school, I often wore it backwards. oops.) If you wear it with the crown facing towards you, then you're single. If you wear it with the heart facing away from you, then you're taken.
I am not in the least bit Irish, but yet I have about four or five of these rings. I like these rings because they are so pretty. I especially fell in love with Tina's ring, and for that matter the price. I am a huge fan of sterling silver claddagh rings, however to get one that's really nice and in a decent size is a bit on the pricy side. So, I decided to take a chance and order her rainbow claddagh ring. (The one that you see here, )
However, soon after ordering I realized that I ordered the wrong size. (I wear a 7 on my middle finger, however since my fingers swell a lot that tends to get uncomfortable from time to time.) So I quickly cancelled it to order the next size up. That lead to me talking to the shopownr, Tina.
After explaining why I needed to cancel my order, Tina was very understanding and helpful. I liked that about her. We even got to talking about the rings, and how much we liked to wear them. I thought that it was awesome for her to be so understanding as to why I didn't order the ring in a bigger size in the first place.
The ring ended up arriving later than planned, because of a shipping delay. Tina was so kind to message me to explain the situation, which I thought was great customer service. I ended up getting the ring almost two weeks after ordering it.She even included a ten percent off coupon, which made me happy because who doesn't like coupons?
And let me tell you, it was worth the wait.
The ring is an amazing size, and is perfect on my finger. I love the rainbow stone, which is something that I can wear with just about everything. I like that the band is thick too, because then I would not have to worry about it bending. Overall, I am so happy about my purchase with her, and I probably will be back to order an evil eye ring. If you are looking for a quality claddagh ring, and at a good price then you should check Tina's shop out!
*All opinions and photographs are my own. I was not compensated for this post in any means whatsoever.
Like the ring? Check out Tina's shop here.

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