Monday, August 18, 2014

The Last of The Summer Days.

It's no secret that summer is starting to draw to a close. Back to school commercials are beginning to flood my television, friends that go to school farther down south are beginning to move back, and soon I'll be in the halls at Southern again. (as much as I don't want to). However, I still wanted to enjoy one last beach day before I was flooded with paper and school work, since this was my last full week of summer. So, I decided to head down to the beach for one last summer hurrah last Saturday! (and took a ton of pictures.)
                                                     Idgie running around on the beach.
                                                    Gabriel building away. 
Gabriel, Elisia, and Gabriel's sister Bethany went along for the trip! It was so much fun because we had strawberry cupcakes (made by Gabriel and I the night before), pumpkin pie (Bethany made it; I got to try it for the first time and I loved it), and I bought Wheat Thins and popcorn which barely made it past an hour. We also bought a dog that Gabriel and their sister Bethany were watching named Idgie, who enjoyed going for a swim.
                                          Elisia and I looking for sea glass and shells! 
                                          If we didn't take a selfie, did we really go to the beach?
We then took over the beach! Elisia and I went on a walk to hunt for sea glass. Gabriel built a shell city, and Bethany took care of Idgie before going for a swim herself. All and all, it was a good day to be at the beach.
                                                   Elisia and I
                                                   Bethany and I!
After spending hours enjoying the beach, we went for Thai food, where Elisia and I had Pad Thai with chicken. (I used chopsticks, and I was a boss at it.) All and all, it was an awesome way to spend one of the last Saturdays of the summer!
                                          Gabriel and I
*All of the photos are my own. 

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