Monday, August 4, 2014

Natalie On The 6-Relationships.

Hi there readers, welcome to my little neck of the internet land called Finding My Voice. Today, I am launching another awesome feature called 'On the 6'. What is it, you may ask? Well, I am glad that you are a curious one, I like those kinds of people. On this lovely feature, I will give my opinion on six different topics, all with one common central theme. Hence, the random six. Anyways, without further a due, here's my first 'On the Six'. 

Today's Topic-Relationships.
Social Networking Sites and Relationships;
The internet has quickly evolved into a tool in which everyone shares pretty much everything that comes to mind. My blog is a pure example of that. Because of that, we often lack the privacy since all we're doing is tweeting and taking selfies for our Instagram followers. Relationships are between you and your partner, not your thousands of Instagram followers. I hate that we live in a society where we constantly are consumed with the notion of having to post certain things. In my relationships, I pretty much want them private until I feel like I am ready to go public with. It's really no one's business but my own on who I'm dating, about to be dating, unless I feel like it's something that's going to last. I do however tell my selected few friends what's the deal, but other than that, I lack the need to yell that I am drunk in love from the rooftops. However, I don't judge people for posting every single moment on the internet. I just think that it's important to know that some private moments should just remain private until we're ready to share them. 
Not being in a relationship:
Many people in my generation often look at being single as a curse, and that they are always going to be single for the rest of their lives. News flash, you're not so don't go cat shopping just yet. Being single is awesome, and although sometimes I don't like being single I don't think it's the worst thing that can happen to me. I think it's important to enjoy being single, because it helps you find yourself. I can't wait to find a boyfriend, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade being single with anything in the world.
Long distance relationships are a tricky thing. I do however think that they are do-able, although difficult. I wouldn't mind being in one, because it forces you to do all of the things that healthy relationships need in order to grow, but ten times more. First, you need to trust that other person. Every relationship needs trust or otherwise, it's going to need a coffin. If you can't trust that person, that you can't be with them. It's as simple as that. Secondly, you need to really have a life that is not devoted to that other person. Having a job, going to school, and friends outside the relationship is important even if that person is across town. I would honestly rather have a LDR, because then you're forced to have those things. Although having a non-LDR would be good too, I feel like relationships have become too connected and close for my liking. Many relationships do in fact crumble from this, however if you realize that you're not able to be that connected than you should be just fine!
Pressure to Be Married;
I'm twenty and yet I have friends that either are married, engaged, or want to be married. I, on the other hand don't. I feel like many people want to get married because of the chance to wear a pretty white dress, and have a guy that's like Leonardo DiCaprio (except no one can beat Leo, but let's not tell your significant other that.) I believe that marriage comes from feeling in love, and once I feel like that than I will then send my "Save the Dates." Until then, you're going to have to hear me complain about romanticized weddings are.  
Friends In Relationships;
Many of my friends have boyfriends and significant others. Me? Well I have my dog. I am happy for all of my friends who are in relationships, however, there's something that I would like to add to those who are not single. Don't be a jerk about it. Don't ignore your friends. Your friends were there before. Don't rub their nose into it, because it's annoying. And you don't want to be that  friend who won't shut up about their boyfriend. I think relationships  and friendships mesh well, but don't talk about it until your friends want to strangle you, and don't be all 'my boyfriend is better than yours.' However, the only exception is when you're just getting into a relationship. Other than that, please don't overly talk about your boo..or baby...or whatever. 
Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships;
I think that healthy relationships are important. Respect, space, and friends are all important because then you won't be a zombie of the other person. Don't put that other person on a pedestal, because then they would know that and take advantage. Know your worth because everyone deserves respect, and not being hit. Abuse is bad, and know that you deserve to be happy. That's all.
 What are your opinions on these matters? I hope to hear them!  


  1. I very much agree that LDR can be a good thing - they really do force you to communicate, rather than just hang out!! However, it can be really hard to tell when the suckiness comes from distance or the relationship...Having a definitive end date for the distance (not always possible) makes everything a lot easier!

    1. i agree with you there. i have never done the ldr thing, but those are good things to keep in mind..