Friday, August 15, 2014

Natalie On the Six-Blogging

Welcome to another edition of Natalie on the Six. After last week's about relationships, (miss that one? Check it out, here.) I couldn't wait to write another one. Anyways, without further adue, here's the latest addition to the On the Six feature!

Today's Topic-Blogging. 
Social Media and Blogging; It seems like everyone has a social networking account. Everyone's on Facebook, tweets, and takes tons of selfies for the Instagram. However, other than tweeting about your nutty professors, or the wierd things that your friends do, you as a blogger can use these to help you build up a larger fandom! If you follow me on Twitter, than you know that I tweet about my blog at least a couple of times a day. I definately can vouch that it helps build a more substancial audiences, and is responsible for about 10-20% of my total pageviews. If you're a new blogger, than I would definately try to make more social connections!
"Wait! I want to take a picture, so I can blog about this!" Blogging is wierd. My girl Rachel said it in her awesome post. As a semi-lifestyle blogger, I blog about some of the haps that go on in my life. Whether it's a post about my birthday party, a weekend, and a day at the beach, I blog all about that. My friends often give me funny looks as to why I'm always asking them to take a million and one pictures. And well, I have two reasons for it. One is that I just like to take a lot of pictures. Two is that when I do decide to blog about it, I have lots of photos. A blogger tip to just about anyone starting out with a blog would have to be to include as many pictures as you can. It's really need to have a visual along your many awesome things that you have to say.
Blogger Friends; The cool part about blogging is that you make a ton of friends that you meet on the Internet. Don't call Nev, because that's okay! I've discovered so many awesome things since I started blogging, whether it's a new blogger or brand. I love that part about blogging because then you get to make tons of new friends that you otherwise wouldn't have, and get to expand your horizons.
Getting your blog known. This part is the tricky part, I must say. It takes a lot of time and patience to get your blog up and running. A suggestion is to read the book "Blog Inc", because it's stocked up with awesome tips to get your blog up and running. I use my copy as a reference from time to time. The best advice that I have is to use lots of Search Engine friendly tags, comment, and use social networking to your full advantage. I also suggest joining a lot of linkups, because I find them to be super-helpful to getting more page views on that certain day!
Comment? One of the best parts about being a blogger has to be the comments that people give me on my posts. From the start of Finding My Voice, I've gotton close to 300 of them! It's such a great feeling to know that someone actually likes what you are saying. One of the worst things about blogging is that sometimes you feel like no one is reading your blog, and that's not true at all. Writing a comment to a blogger will without a doubt make their day. So, comment away!
#bloggerproblems  Blogger down? Can't find something to post about? Writer's block? Well my friend, those are all in fact #bloggerproblems..

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