Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rocking the Labels..Or the Labeless..

When I was in high school, the in-thing was to wear clothes with a seagull on the bottom. Or T-shirts with brands such as Hollister, or Abercrombie typed across the shirt. Purses had to have the 'C" and the jewelry had to be from a certain company. If you had it, you were one of the club. If you didnt, then you were outta luck. 
We seem to label pretty much everything in life. We label clothing, such as it being of a certain brand being bad or good. We label cars with the concept. We even go as far as to label people as being a 'boy', or a 'girl.' We even like to label our relationship status, such as 'single,' 'casually dating', 'just friends', and so on. My question is, who made the label maker out of life?
Many times while dating we look for that label. You know what I'm talking about. "Does he want me to be his girlfriend?" "Are we dating?" I have had so many conversations with several of my friends about this type of thing. We antagonize over this, and make ourselves sick over finding some sort of answers. And, while we need labels to find clarity, I can't help but think at the same time that the labels we crave so much in our day to day life adds some sort of pressure. Pressure to play that some sort of role, and sometimes pressure to maintain that role. 
So, my question is why do we create labels in the first place? 
I can't really tell you the answer that you're all dying to know. But I can tell you this. We create labels simply because they want to put something in it's special place or compartment. It's something that we look for answers for, and the only way we can get them is to simply label it. Sad, but true. Living this sort of lifestyle can only drive us crazy because we are searching for that label. Whether it's a husband or a designer bag, we can't help but realize that it's a true thing. 
Sometimes we need to stop looking for things. Stop looking for the boyfriend to come, because you can turn around a thousand corners and still not find Mr. (or Miss) Right. Live life to the fullest and think positively. Live in every moment and not want to label it. However if you want to put a hashtag on it then it's perfectly fine. 
At the end of the day, sometimes we really need to look past the labels to create something that fits perfectly with us. And that may be the designer bag from Chanel, or the one from Amazon that costs about ten dollars. I believe that if we try not so desperately to fill the labels, chances are you're not going to come across the knockoffs so easily.
My main goal in life is to avoid the knockoff, and go for something real. Whether it's in love, where I find someone that may be my 'husband', or 'partner', or in my closet where my clothes are now arranged by my style not by my peers, I can't help but think one thing. Labels or not, I am pretty awesome. And that's all that really matters. 

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