Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Whose On My Blogroll?

Some of the cool parts about being a blogger is that you get to connect with some really awesome people. Since coming to the blogger community, I have stumbled across many awesome people and blogs. However, there's some that I just have to check every single morning. So, if you're looking for some awesome blogs to read, other than my own, please check these lovely bloggers out!
Rgord, the Blog
Formerly Sunshine & Sinatra, Rgord the blog is perhaps one of my favorite blogs on the internet. Her style is unique and fresh, and her instagram is always on point. I love how she isn't afraid to talk about her blind dates, because let's just face it, not everyone can be an open book. She has to be one of my favorite bloggers, because of that.

The World According to Emma
I know this blogger! I actually go to the same college as Emma, and we actually met via the internet. Blogging has actually bought us closer together, and we often bond over that. I love her blog, because it's so damn positive! (Who doesn't love positive things?) Emma is really awesome, and her blog is about her adventures, her goals, and of course her love for Dylan O'Brien. I loved watching her blog grow, as well as my own, and am really blessed to say that she's one of my dearest friends I've made at college.
Polkadots and Palindromes
I love Hannah's blog, because it's just so unique. Because of her blog, I can honestly tell you what a Palindrome is! I love her blog, because she's a college blogger, and actually talks about college issues, and things that college students would be interested in. (I think that is important because I am a college student, and I like to be able to say that I can relate to them. Plus, her glasses are really awesome, just saying!

The Life You Love
Last but certainly not least, comes Sam from the Life You Love. I love her blog, because she talks about a mixture of her life, and her thoughts. She's also in college, which is a common theme for all of my favorite bloggers now that I think about it. However, I like her blog because it talks about things ranging from her opinions, to her actual day to day life. (She also talks about her boyfriend, which she and him make and adorable couple) It's important to have variety in your blog and she does that in a way that's simply amazing. (A special shout out to her, just because she told me that I was a no-reply blogger)
So, I hope that these four ladies get added onto your own blogroll, because each and every one of them are simple amazing. I do read a ton of other blogs, but these four are the ones that I check pretty much daily to see what's up. So, go and click on these lovely blogs. Chances are, you'll get carried away from the awesomeness.
all images have been taken from the featured blogs! 

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