Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I just came back from my freshman orientation. To be honest, there is a bunch of emotions running through my head-sadness, excitement, fear, and of course, anticipating what comes next.
I feel like I'm at a crossroads at my life as of now. The high school where I once called home is now being buried in the sand of the beach that is my life. But as I run into the waves of college I can't help but feel pangs of sadness of what i'm leaving or most importantly who I'm leaving. But yet, as I walked the campus, and said hello to who ate now my classmates, getting lost on campus and wondering what my life will become when I leave this place, I knew something. I knew that I belonged. And despite my worries of not getting a job as an English major, or not quite being sure of anything, I know I'll be okay. I know I'll maintain my friends, of they anwser my text messages and see them from time to time. And I know that there will be new people in my path, similar life stories ready to meet me.
College, here I come.

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