Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Healthy or Unhealthy?

For a while now, I've been thinking about relationships. I've been thinking many things-from what makes a relationship worth the time that is given, to why does one want to be in a relationship. I've also given thought to what makes a relationship healthy vs what makes a relationship unhealthy. 
Often, people of my peers have gotton into a relationship for the first time. Often, you don't know what to expect, so you rely on your peers and others to guide you. First of all, let me say this for future reference- a relationship consists of you and that other person. Not your friends, whether on real life or on Facebook. Just you and them.
But what is a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship consists of:
  • Trust. I think a relationship of any kind needs some kind of trust. If they say that they are going to hang out with their friends somewhere, then yes, they probably are going to hang out with their friends somewhere. If you don't trust someone, and you are blowing up their phone thousands of times, because you apparently need to know where they are, chances are you shouldn't be with them. And if you have concerns, talk to them about it. They will listen. And if they don't, then screw them.  
  • Space. You have friends. He has friends. You have a life. He has a life. Don't spend your entire existence glued to the arm of someone. You have friends and school to worry about. Plus, ever hear the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder?
  • If you have an issue, then you talk about it. Then you move on. Relationships consist of communication. It's the key, don't you know? 
  • If they don't answer you back, chances are they are busy, or something. If he doesn't answer your text in about five minutes, then chill. He might be unable to talk. Or be asleep, which in that case, who answers their phone when they are sleeping? 
Now, I bet you're asking what an unhealthy relationship consists of:
  • Constant arguing or drama. 
  • Being unhappy all of the time. Relationships are supposed to be happy. If you're not for any reason, please do yourself a favor and break up. He or She is not the only person on the planet. 
  • Constantly texting, and then if they don't respond, keep on texting and texting or leaving a bunch of messages. If they don't respond and haven't done anything questionable, then you shouldn't be worried. Take a chill pill. 
  • Keeping one from hanging out with friends. Their life isn't solely centered on you. Friends are awesome, and sometimes, one needs to see them.
Relationships can be a good thing. But sometimes, they can be unhealthy. Making yourself miserable, over a guy isn't the best thing to do, and won't make either of you happy. 

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