Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Bucket List.

Everyone has a list of something's that they have yet to do but they always wanted to. I realized recently that there is so much that I have yet to experience that I should try to get out there and actually experience it. After all, you only live once, so let's try to make the most out of it, right? Anyways, so there's  so much that I want to do, at least before I go to my first day at college. So, here's my summer bucket list:
  1. To slow dance with someone. I've never done it right, and I kinda want to learn, so that I would be able to do so. (PS: to the person who I went to prom with, can I have a redo to redeem myself?)
  2. To remake the Titanic "I'm flying scene" with someone. As a Titanic fan, I always wanted to do that. 
  3. Read the Hunger Games. Or the last two anyways. I read the first one over a year ago, and I kind of want to find out what happens next. Actually, I just want to read a lot over the summer, that way I'll be able to be super eduated, kind of like Rory Gilmore. 
  4. To learn how to drive. I seriously need to get on that, as a commuter..
  5. To get a job. I'm a starving artist who needs to pay her tution. Oh, and car insurance to my car which I'll be commuting to school with. So, time to score a minimum wage job! Woot!
  6. Go on a date. I seriously just want to go for the experience. I also think it would be fun to go on a super awkward date, just to say that I have. 
  7. See the following movies: The Hunger Games, all of the Harry Potter Movies, Braveheart, Easy A, and that movie with the dancer chick that's coming out this week. 
  8. Enjoy life! We seriously need to enjoy life. 
What's on your bucket list? Have a great summer guys!

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