Sunday, June 3, 2012


In pyschology, we have to do a ceiling tile project that represents us, who we are, and what makes us, us.
At first, it was easy; I chose a cupcake, because cupcakes remind me that happiness can come in small doses of happiness, a music note for all of the music related items that I do (dance, sing, play the flute), some writery stuff, because duh, I'm a writer, and a heart, because according to a friend of mine, I'm a caring person. However, I had room for one more. And I couldn't think of anything. It was kinda like writer's block, except I had to draw something. So, I literally texted half of my friends, asking them the question of what makes me, well me.
After nearly six hours of trying to think of something. I finally got it. Eye glasses. Okay, laugh if you must, but I actually have a serious reason of having eye glasses there. Okay, fine two. The first is because I always had probelms with my eyes. I had surgery when I was four years old, which if I didn't I would have extreme difficulty seeing. I still have to wear glasses (or contacts, for the days I feel kind of vain), and probably have to wear them for the rest of my life. I however thank my lucky stars that I was able to get that surgery, and I can actually pretty much see. The second reason is because of my blog. Believe it or not, after two years (well almost) of blogging, you have a lot of opnions to write, a lot of insight to share for the word. I remember getting an email from a friend, who read one of my older entries, and enjoyed one of them. (I think that it was called we all have probelms, which was inspired by the hit televison show Awkward) One of the things I can remember distinctly about that blog entry is the closing sentence, which was 'keep up with your insightful blog entries'. I still, to this day, have that email. Anyways, the point of that lovely story, was eye glasses. Sight. Insight. There you go. I seriously amaze myself with my amazing ideas.
I guess there is many components to your personality. More than a ceiling tile can hold. More than symbols can create. I can't symbolize everything that makes me, well me, because there is not a tile in the world that can be large enough. I'm a person with many ingredients, a person whose not made the exact same way as the rest of you. No one went through the same things as you did; therefore no one can judge you for what you've been through.
Four years ago, when I was a freshman, that would have bothered me, since my goal back then was to be popular, to be something that I'm not.
Four years later, now that I'm graduating, I'm content with my quirkiness. I'm content with what makes me, me. And if you have a probelm with me. Well, you can just deal with that, because you are not going to rain on my own parade.

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