Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: Hello Hollywood

If you've checked out my latest Friday Faves or my personal Facebook (are we Facebook Official, yet? If not get with the times and like me already!) You've seen that I've read a book called "Hello Hollywood" by Suzanne Corso for my College Fashionista Internship. As a Style Guru, this was our #CFreads for the month of July. I read it about a week before our fashion talk, and I enjoyed it a lot.
The book was the third in the trilogy following Samantha Bonti. Bonti, a character based off of the events of Corso's own life, had her ups and downs in life. She has previously dated a mobster who abused her, and married a millionaire.
Now, Bonti is a widow headed out for Hollywood. She's become a successful author, and heads to Hollywood with friend Liza and daughter Isabella. She's in a relationship with Paul whose eager to turn her bestseller into a box office hit, however she's unsure at the start of the novel how she feels about him.
However, she quickly meets John Steeling who she falls completely in love with at first sight. Steeling is extremely wealthy and a partner of the movie company. Bonti quickly dumps Paul to be with Steeling, and they quickly begin to date. However Paul won't go away without a fight, as readers quickly begin to find out.
Overall, the book was an amazing read. I enjoyed it because of the way the author wrote. She made the character of Samantha extremely likable and relatable. I especially liked it because I could relate to the Italian Mob references she has. I liked the dialogue and the way the characters interacted with each other through out the book.  Finally, I also liked how she made Samantha so strong, despite the obstacles that she faced. It really made me enjoy the main character and relate to her. Corso writes this book with such skill, and she does an amazing job through out it.
I even looked into getting Corso's other novels-"A Brooklyn Story" and "Suite Life." I just had taken out a "Brooklyn Story" today from my local library and will read it sometime soon.
So, if you're looking for something different to read, I recommend checking out Corso's trilogy. Happy reading! 

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