Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why I Love Taking Photos So Much

 Griffin, Gabriel and I.
Whenever I'm with my friends, one of my most common phrases is "stop! Let's take a picture!" This is especially true with my friends that are scattered around the country and even the world. Needless to say, the only times I see my friends are usually in the summer or during school breaks. In some cases, I might not even see my friends then such as the ones that live across the globe.
 Alessia and Gabriel one night at the park.
So, when we're together, I take pictures. That way, whenever I miss my friends, I can look back at it and remember them. Looking through old photos gives me a sense of nostalgia, because then I think about the people who I love.I think about the times when they were there, and then miss them because they are gone. Photographs are the way for me that captures every moment, so then I can a: blog about it and b: have it in my little phone forever. I then look through them when I'm sad or when I miss people.
 Gabriel and I
So my friends in real life who are reading this, remember this. Next time I ask you to pose for a photo, please allow me the chance to capture the moment. I apologize for it's annoyance, but this just means you're an important person to me that I'll miss you when you're gone. And of course, sometimes I take pictures for the sake of artsy Instagrams.

Griffin, Gabriel and I.


  1. I definitely get that need to take pictures. A lot of my friends are going to college now while I'm still stuck in high school, so this summer, my friends and I bought a disposable camera and took pictures whenever we hung out. Expensive? Yes. But were the memories easily documented? For Sure.

    1. That sucks! It's the worst having your friends leave you. That's awesome though. It's good that you had the camera.

  2. Unposed photographs are my favorite! Life's short, you should always keep memories in sight.

    - Harlynn