Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Faves #3

TGIF, everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Faves! Before we head into the weekend, let me share with you this week's favorites.
Listening: To JoJo's old mixtapes, and Lana Del Rey's new single "High By the Beach" which I finally downloaded and shared with you on this week's Music Monday. If you haven't listened to "High by the Beach" than what are you waiting for? Go, do it! It will make you want to go to the beach.
Reading: 99 Days by Katie Cutugno. I've read about this book on my friend Emma's blog a while ago and it looked so good I had to read it. So far, I am enjoying it.
Celebrating: The fact that I've been promoted from a freelance writer to a staff writer at my local newspaper that I've been writing for.
Watching: I'm finally getting back to watching "The Hills" again. I've taken a break from watching it, and now I'm finally progressing through season four. Through this season, I'm slowly beginning to hate how Spedi is. I especially dislike how Spencer treats his sister Stephanie after all she does is just try to be friends with everyone. I shall see how the rest of the series continues...
What are your Friday Faves? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I love Lana Del Ray, I'm taking a listen! Check my blog soon and I'll possibly have a hoop video to it.
    Congrats on the promotion! Keep an update on how it goes.

    - Harlynn