Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Five Years of Blogging?

A few days ago, I realized that I've been a blogger for over five years. (Two years on another blog called Notations, and three years here) While I can't believe the statistic, I can believe how fast time has changed.
I started blogging when I was a rising junior in high school. As I'm looking back at my old blog, I noticed that there wasn't much attention that was paid to it. In fact in 2010, I only had written 7 entries. I didn't fully become a blogger until 2011, when I was a junior about to be senior in high school. Back then, I used my blog as a way to vent about my feelings to thousands of people on the internet, and hoped that there were people out there that actually read it. However, I later learned that wasn't exactly the best reason because a: someone who you didn't want to read the blog will read it, and once it's on the Internet, there's no way you can take it back. Sorry, but even pressing delete wouldn't even help.
Looking back at my old entries, I can't help but notice how different everything was back then. I used to blog about the people in my day to day life, and give them psdueoms so no one including themselves would know who they were. I would analyze the events that occurred and then recounted them. It was sort of like the way Carrie Bradshaw wrote "Sex and the City" only with blog entries and a ton less fabulous.
As I look back at these little entries, a part of me cringes. However, the other part of me can't believe the growth I have experience since those days. I'm well past writing every little event that happens to me on the Internet, and have turned my blog into it's own website. I'm sure when I look back at this entry five years from now, I'll experience the same amount of cringing.
I also give blogging the full credit. I've discovered that I love writing in this little box, and filling it up with words and thoughts that I have. And I've developed a readership, expanded to social media, and with each passing day have more readers than the day before. I guess you can say that blogging is something that I will always do, because I can't picture my life not being behind a computer typing away at my computer with music blasting in my ear.
This blog, like myself, will always continue to evolve and change. I'll introduce new series, I'll write about different things. My entries will improve, as I clearly noticed the improvement of my writing from back when I was in high school.
So as I travel down memory lane, better than any ol' high school yearbook, I have to wonder what will be next. What is the next phase of my life? Where will I go next? I guess the only answer will be to stay tuned, as it will of course be "on the blog."

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