Wednesday, August 26, 2015

College Student Essentials-What They Didn't Say You Needed

When I entered college, I thought the things I needed were just school supplies. However, what I soon learned upon my first day of freshman year was that I was no longer in high school anymore. However, over the past three years of college, I picked up a few things that made my experience easier. And now, I'm going to share them with you all.

  • A smartphone wallet.  In my crowded bag, I always manage to never find my phone inside my large tote bag. It can be annoying especially if it's ringing and I'm trying to answer it in time. However, with a smartphone wallet, I can worry less because I know exactly where it is. It also has enough room for other needs, such as my ID, debit card and cash.
  • An adult coloring book. Let's be honest-college is stressful. Sometimes, we need to take a break even though it seems like it's the worst thing for us to do. A bunch of my friends recently bought this, and I thought that is was such a cute idea so I got one off of Amazon for less than five dollars. It seems like the perfect stress reliever, so I'm excited to share more about it when I get it. Just don't forget to get colored pencils or crayons if you don't already have them! 
  • A tablet.  This may be the most expensive thing on my list, however in my opinion, it's the most essential. I use my tablet for work and for play. I like it that I have a keyboard so I can write notes for class. I also am in love with the Netflix and the Hulu apps so I can watch TV shows with ease. If you can afford it, I definitely recommend the iPad. 
  • A library card. Books, music and movies are expensive. Libraries have a lot of popular books and if you're a resident than you can get them for free. If you're an avid reader, frequent music downloader, or a movie watcher, than this is the perfect fix for you. 
  • A portable phone charger. I totally recommend this especially if you're also forgetting to charge your phone like I do. You just leave it plugged it for a while and then it usually has enough to charge your phone up to 50%! (Sometimes more, depending on what you get!)
What are your essentials for this school year? Let me know in the comments below! 

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