Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Monday: Christina Aguilera

Back in second grade, there was this ongoing debate-team Britney versus team Christina or Xtina. Then, I was a big fan of Britney, and the song Oops I Did It Again was my jam. However now, no offense to Britney, I am one of the biggest fans of Christina.
First of all, she is extremely talented. Let's just make that pretty damn clear. She and Demi I think are some of the two of the most talented women artists of our generation. Every song that she does, she showcases that talent in a unique way. 
Now let's look at her music. She has five albums, one completion, one holiday album, and one holiday album to date. Her first album debuted in 1999, which produced that catchy bubble gum song 'Genie in a Bottle.' That album also produced 'What a Girl Wants,' "Reflection', and 'I Turn to You'. She was well on her way to stardom. Next, in 2002 she came out with my favorite album, against unpopular opinion. It's my favorite album because it's raw and real. I love albums like that because it shows unfiltered emotion which  I like. Next in 2006, came the jazzy pop album 'Back to Basics'. That album is one of my favorites because those songs aare catchy and remind me of a completely different era of music. I mean come on, who doesn't want to jam to 'Candy Man' when it comes on the radio? In 2010, she came out with 'Bionic', which isn't exactly one of her best albums to some. However, the album has a lot of catchy, upbeat pop tunes, like 'Vanity' or 'Bionic'. Sometimes, we just need some good pop music in our life, you know? Last year, 'Lotus' came out. I've enjoyed the album pretty much because it's a mix of "Stripped" and "Bionic". There's songs that empower us, like "Army of Me", and then there's songs that just are catchy and fun to dance to, like "Your Body."
I like her music because it's relatable and empowering. I also like that she has a balance between catchy bubble gum pop, and serious music. I think that having a balance is good because we as an audience like to have variety in our music. Christina does deliever that, and it keeps listeners on our toes, because we really don't know what's going to come out next with her. 
Some Good Christina Music Y'All Should Listen To:

  • Back in the Day 
  • Ain't No Other Man
  • Slow Down Baby 
  • Still Dirrty 
  • Here to Say 
  • Candyman
  • Save Me from Myself
  • The Right Man
  • Bionic
  • Not Myself Tonight
  • Glam 
  • Vanity
  • Express
  • Genie in a Bottle
  • What a Girl Wants
  • I Turn to You 
  • Reflection
  • Come On Over
  • Lotus Intro 
  • Army of Me
  • Red Hot Kinda Love
  • Make the World Move
  • Your Body 
  • Let There Be Love 
  • Sing for Me
  • We Remain
  • Stripped Intro 
  • Can't Hold Us Down
  • Fighter
  • Keep On Singing My Song
  • WooHoo
  • Dirrty 
  • Show Me How You Burlesque
  • Keeps Getting Better
Join team Xtina today! 

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